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Beach Shack

 Gone Surfin
Gone Surfin signs, also available in Gone Fishin or Sailin. Made from reclaimed wood and hand painted to order.
Size is 12" x 3" and they are hung from natural rope. 

Price £ 8.00
 Free UK delivery
 Beach bags
100% Natural cotton these fun little screen printed bags are big enough to cope with your shopping or beach wares and small enough to fold up a pop in your bag so you never need a plastic bag again. Size is 16" x 14"
They come in Footprint or Camper van Designs

Price £ 4.00
Free UK delivery
 Surf Sac
Fed up of trying to find the wax in the boot of your car and when you do its covered in bits . This handy bag comes complete with Windswept Wax ( made in Cornwall) a wax comb, barnacle Balm (idealy soothing for your rubbed bits) and a gone surfin sign, with room for all your other bits n bobs

Price £ 12.00
Free UK delivery