About Us

   The Windswept Gallery is a small independant gallery based in St Just in Penwith on the beautiful Lands End Penninsula. We specialise in recycling, reusing, repurposing and reducing. Our wares are made from what we come across in our daily lives, whether is driftwood and sea glass we find on the beach as we return from a surf, or the paper that we use in our papier mache work everything has a purpose ...and can be transformed into something both beautiful and functional...nothing goes to waste. As a gallery we are proud to be leading St Just in its battle to become Plastic Free...something that as  a gallery we have been for many many years... and now as a town we are too. 

    Our stock ranges include Driftwood Furniture, Sea Glass silver and pewter jewellry, Papier Mache, Copper work, Wooden cooking utensils, Textiles and Ghost Rope changing Mats and bowls.

    The primary aim of the gallery is to tread lightly on our planet, leaving behind only things that can eventually dissappear with out harm or trace. When you buy from us you can guarentee that we have thought long and hard about what we have done, what we have used, and how we have used it.  

     We hope that you love what we do and why we do it....WE are a small business...ran by two people who are trying... we dont do the corporate thing... we dont do the big brand thing...we just do unique pieces, well built to last and we hope you like it...



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